How dirty is Miami real estate? Secret home deals dried up when feds started watching

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How dirty is miami real estate? secret home deals dried up when feds started watching Treating this kind of interference as acceptable means licensing arbitrary interventions into the market by politicians, who are ill-equipped to second-guess the decisions made by the real people. These are the 12 best books on writing I’ve ever read.

Buyers who use shell companies to pay cash for $1 million or more homes will have their identities reported to federal authorities. feds target secret real estate deals in Miami and New York | The.

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The Miami Herald has a fascinating story today: "How Dirty is Miami real estate? Secret home deals dried up when feds started watching." The story highlights multi-million-dollar cash buyers in the real estate market who shield their identities. A new study says that once the U.S. Treasury Department issued a temporary rule to try to [.]

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