Bye Bye Student Loans?

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Have student loans in default? Explore your options for getting your student loans back on track quickly and easily at

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Bye Student Loan Debt lays out a clear and easy method for how to pay back student loans that I have not seen anywhere else. If you don’t fully understand your student loans or already have a purposeful strategy for repayment, then reading this book will likely save you thousands of dollars and put you in a better lifelong financial position.

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Since the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Act, we’ve been able to help students get their loans forgiven, saving them thousands of dollars! Everyone’s situation is unique. Some of the loan programs are income based, and specifically designed to help even those who may be on fixed incomes or in a low income bracket.

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 · 30 percent would sell an organ to see their student debts removed too. 43 percent would give away their possessions-bye-bye, big-screen TV!-to lessen their financial burdens.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s from savings, current earnings or borrowing. The rest would need to come from the student, be it from scholarships, grants, loans, work etc. Being in the situation where you feel compelled to borrow excessive money to satisfy your child’s wishes is not a good thing.

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BYE Student Loan Debt is an exciting book and interactive website to help students and graduates eliminate their debt!

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